Our Story

Our Story

Wearable love made from the world’s softest materials.

God’s True Cashmere began with a dream. In my dream, Brad, a dear friend of mine, asked for a gift, a very special gift: a shirt in green made only of cashmere. “Softness,” he said, “I need more softness in my life.”

Coming to Brad in person to recount this bizarre dream, he shared he had in fact hoped for such a garment. So, I searched and searched for that beautiful cashmere shirt and found nothing. This gift, this nurturing gift, did not yet exist.

As I began to piece together this gift for him, locating the finest artisans across the world, I began to realize this gift of softness was an important one. We all thirst for that familiar, gentle touch. We all seek that soft and loving embrace. What touch do you remember the most? Is it the touch of a mother? Is it the touch of a lover? Is it the touch of a beloved animal? Is it the feel of the blanket wrapped around you as a child? Is it the feel of your feet nestled in tropical sand at your favorite beach?

Our touch is our love made palpable. And it is from this knowing that God’s True Cashmere was born. With discernment, I have woven every inch with the finest cashmere, with softness worthy of the God in you. With care, I have bestowed each shirt with 7 buttons down the front of the garment, representing the chakras and 11 buttons total which is the number of mastery in numerology. Each button imbued with a healing gemstone lovingly selected for you.

Each garment is precious and rare as your own unique touch. It is a gentle embrace through all of your journeys. It will hold you while you work. It will hold you while you play. It will hold you in the discovery of new horizons, or while you revel in the familiar embrace of a loved one.

And now, as I fold this shirt in front of me, preparing to send this special gift of softness along, I realize I have made this garment just for you, because you deserve to feel loved. I believe we all do.

Sustainability & Ethics

Here at God’s True Cashmere, our passion lies in creating timeless luxury that celebrates your spirit and that you can feel wholly good about.

Our 100% Italian cashmere garments are made with every element of our product cycle in mind, from the goats themselves to our suppliers and manufacturers, each piece lovingly crafted for your well-being and theirs.

We recognize that sustainability is a commitment that must continually evolve and grow. To this end we are proud to partner with the most reputable companies in Italy, who support our vision for uncompromising standards of sustainability, commitment to the environment, and community stewardship.

We are further committed to sustaining the world around us by taking notable steps to minimize our environmental footprint, before your piece of wearable love reaches your hands. To those ends, we never use plastics in the storage, presentation, or shipping of our garments. Rather, each item is thoughtfully placed in a garment bag made of brushed cotton, and all labels and hangtags are made from natural and recycled cotton fibers sourced directly from nature.

We see it as our duty to honor and support artisanal craftsmen and preserve generational practices of hand weaving and stone carving, investing back into the rich cultures that make it possible to bring our garments to life.

Each of our garments are crafted to honor the energy within you, as well as the divine energy that surrounds us all. Thank you for joining us in our pursuit of creating truly magnificent pieces while promoting ecological harmony.

Our Relationships:

  • Our cashmere is sourced from suppliers who are RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD & GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD certified, by international non-profit, Textile Exchange (ICEA).
  • The RESPONSIBLE WOOL STANDARD certification provides oversite of responsibly-managed farms that require stringent criteria for animal welfare, reduction of environmental impact, and a process to trace the production process.
  • The GLOBAL RECYCLE STANDARD is an international, voluntary, full-product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled Content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The goal of the GRS is to increase use of recycled materials in products and reduce/eliminate the harm caused by its production.
  • Our production facilities are also focused on using renewable energies including installing solar panels and voluntary certifications showing the reliance on renewable energies.