Thomas Houseago Collection

Available by direct inquiry

Indulge in an exclusive symphony of artistry and opulence as God's True Cashmere unites with the renowned maestro of creativity, Thomas Houseago, to craft an unparalleled collection. Each garment in this exclusive series is not just a piece of apparel; it's a canvas meticulously brought to life by the hand of a master artist. In a tribute to the impeccable craft of cashmere, these limited-edition shirts bare the exquisite touch of Thomas's singular vision. With each stroke of the artist's hand, the fabric transforms into a gallery-worth masterpiece, fusing the luxurious softness of cashmere with the vibrant energy of bespoke artistry.

“I love the idea of clothing as protective, safe, nourishing, and made with God Energy. For me God energy depends on alignment.”

- Thomas Houseago

A collection of clothing that transcends mere fabric and stiches, embodying freedom of expression and thought, all while trusting in the divine creative process.

Each piece is a manifestation of artistic prowess and the embodiment of refined elegance, a treasure reserved for connoisseurs of both fine art and luxurious craftsmanship.