Garment Care

Garment Care

  • Wash between every 4-7 times of wear. Spot clean only when possible.

Hand Washing Instructions

  • You may hand wash your cashmere garment in cold water.
  • Use a delicate soap with no harsh chemicals (lingerie wash or something comparable). You can also purchase cashmere specific soap.
  • To dry, place your garment completely flat and in the shade.
  • If needed, you may Iron on low temperature or steam the garment to release wrinkles.
  • Take care to not apply heat to the snap embellishment.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Dry Cleaning Instructions

  • You may also dry clean your garment using an eco-friendly/cashmere specialist.
    Please note that in the USA dry cleaners tend to use harsh processes which may damage your shirt.
  • The dry cleaner should not apply high heat, starch, or any harsh chemicals to the garment.
  • All embellishments should be covered during dry cleaning to protect the gemstone.


  • Store the garment folded in the garment pouch, in a cool dry place.
    For best protection keep it in a sealed drawer or plastic bin with a cedar block.

Pilling and Fabric Care

  • In all cashmere pilling is expected.
  • Our cashmere shirts are created with the utmost softness in mind and we avoid harsh over treating. You will experience pilling of the garment as it is worn. This is normal.
  • To treat pilling use a high-quality cashmere comb/brush only in areas where pilling has occurred.
  • Use light repetitive strokes with the comb to remove pilling without snagging the fabric.
  • Do not use a fabric shaver to cut the cashmere fibers.